InfoTime Classic

InfoTime Classic

Watch and alarm clock applications for mobile phones

It is not always easy to see the time on mobile phones. Often, the time is shown in a small font in digital format (eg. 08:30) which can be difficult to read correctly. Our applications show the time in analogue format (with hour, minute and second hands) which is much easier to read, even first thing in the morning with blury eyes! The Alarm version offers multiple alarms, which automatically appear on the watch face if due within the next twelve hours.

Personalized settings allow customization of the watch face and application:

  • Date
  • Second hand
  • Lunar phase
  • Digital/analogue
  • Hand size
  • Style (where model supports more than one)
  • Alarm sound/vibrate
  • Multiple alarms, recur and labels

Available for Java enabled mobile phones and other MIDP devices.

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InfoTime Classic


InfoTime Classic

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